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Wyvern Lit

The Observable Universe

Fiction by Joshua Isard

Scientists released a new picture of the observable universe today. It isn't impressive. Well, maybe it is if you can understand what it all means, but I don't.

The picture is a black circle with scattered white dots in it. The dots seem like stars, but they're galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

One inch of the circle is equal to a billion light years.

I can't grasp a billion light years.

Right now, the known universe for my child is the size of a cantaloupe.

The baby's eyes have only recently moved to the front of her head—not that there's anything to see in there.

The baby can hear things outside my wife's body.

We went to a fireworks show the other day, which was nice for us, but the baby could only hear the explosions, and maybe feel them a little. I could feel them.

So we went home, dimmed the lights for the two of us, and put on the Louis Armstrong-Ella Fitzgerald duet album for all three of us.

It seems wonderful to live in a cantaloupe sized universe with that music. I hope the baby enjoys it.