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Wyvern Lit
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Two Flash Pieces

Fiction by GennaRose Nethercott


            Do not forget to burn the clocks.

            Collect every timepiece in the house into a trash bag or suitcase. Miss no detail. Strip the wall, then your wrists. Confiscate all cell phones. Take the back of a hammer to the digital displays on the oven and DVD player. Drag everything to the road. The neighbors will already be there.

            Empty your clocks onto the pile and watch it rise. First, the collection is small as a child. Then more clocks come and it grows; now large as a minivan, now cresting towards rooftops, and higher. Do not forget gasoline’s perfume—its song, its sharp lick. Do not forget to pray when that match comes alive. O, what miracle, that such a speck can birth a new day.

            The Melsworths have set the picnic tables with deviled eggs and hamburger patties. Josephine Baker brought the good Foreman grill, and her boys are barricading off the street. They’re good boys. Their arms flash gold with traffic cones. They sprinkle nails onto pavement as if sowing seeds, in case a car tire lingers too near. The Wells twins drive boot heels into grandfather clocks. See wood crack against the sidewalk like a jaw. The sky is leaking light.

            Winter has gone on too long. Darkness begets darkness, but no longer. Today, fire is rising. Today, the Hendersons and Tom Maclay shatter an hourglass with a baseball bat, and Tom’s daughter, Lily, plays the fiddle. Today, the sun will return. To your left, you take Widow Redding’s hand. The sun will return. Josephine takes your right hand. The sun will return. You welcome the heat. The sun is here. The sun is in the street. It is in your hair, it is under your fingernails, it is the tongue in your mouth. The sun, the sun, praise be, hallelujah, you are banishing the dusk.




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