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Wyvern Lit
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Good Help

Fiction By Keri Kellerman

“I didn’t audition for this,” said Slave Boy 6. This was true. She had hired him, sight unseen, based on the exquisite grammar of his cover letter and fond professional references.

“I didn’t agree to wear this,” said Slave Boy 5. This was false. He had agreed to wear it as a condition of employment in exchange for a higher starting salary and two personal days.

“I didn’t understand what you meant by ‘pony ride,’” said Slave Boy 4. This was unfortunate. He’d had access to a large resource library and a number of instructional videos. He simply failed to grasp the concept.

“I didn’t remember to take my heart medication today,” said Slave Boy 3. This was fatal.

“I didn’t remember to check the mail,” said Slave Boy 2. This was lazy. He was a careless boy and terribly spoiled. She suspected that he was responsible for the misplacement of several architectural magazines she had enjoyed reading with her morning coffee.

“I didn’t want to disappoint you,” said Slave Boy 1. This was her favorite.